Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Second day of eating vegan and I thought I should make a point to explain what exactly it is I/we are doing here. My family and I are EATING vegan. We by no means claim to be burlap wearing super vegans. By eating vegan I mean exactly that. It's like using a title such as omnivore, it explains our dietary habits not lifestyle. We still wear leather (mainly my new cowgirl boots), and use soaps that contain dairy products and things like that. I commend anyone with a big enough moral compass to live a vegan lifestyle but for me.... no thanks.

A few years ago before I met my current husband and had my children I was eating vegan. I felt great, looked great and the food was awesome. With the pressure of being newly married and then 2 children in 2 years we succumbed to a life of take out pizza and canned soups for ease and cheapness. Well, now that life has settled down (uhh.. in a way) we are able mentally to concentrate more on things like our own health. Speaking of our own health, in the past year I have been on 8 different antibiotics, a few antivirals and a couple other random medications. Right after I had my second boy I got endometrisis which is a crazy infection of the uterine lining that happens sometimes after more difficult childbirths. That was horrible and draining and the cause of most of the antibiotic use. After that I've just been plagued most of the year with strange random illnesses and constant colds. The most recent traumatic event is having all four of my wisdom teeth removed resulting in every complication you can have with them. I had them removed 6 weeks ago now and they are finally now JUST starting to close.

Back to the point. I've always felt that what you eat and how you live has a VERY direct effect on your overall health and mental being. When your body is not getting the fresh living foods (plants) that it needs it can't function properly anymore and starts to malfunction which just results in a cycle of never ending health issues (me). Of course there are other things that effect health such as sleep amount and quality, toxins that you're exposed to on a daily basis..ect. I do think personally the most detrimental is not eating properly. Insert eating vegan here.

Eating this way you're forced in a way to eat the proper grains, veg and fruit that you need. After a while it becomes normal and natural. You never feel restricted or like your on a diet. There are so many choices for foods to eat and how to prepare them its crazy. All you need is a willingness to try and the ability to read. Seriously I can't go around tying people up and force feeding them Kasha all day long. Although...

Tonight's dinner was an easy simple one we have enjoyed for a long time. Crunchy tacos. Just everyday plain old tacos (with a few variations). Personally I don't like ground fake meat, I think it's weird and chewy. We make our taco filling with black or pinto beans, sliced onions and taco sauce. Top with Tofutti Better then Sour Cream, lettuce (or in my case spinach), clinatro, salsa, black olives, and whatever else suits my fancy that night. Most brands of taco sauce and shells don't contain animal products/by-products but always double check. I have good luck with Ortega which is a local company here.

Now to sleep. Hopefully breathing through my nose and wake-up to Grandma day! (That means one less child and more things get done. Yay.) 


  1. Interesting reading your reasons.

    ". . .burlap wearing super vegans." LOL. . .

    Since you've been talking about this and now actually doing it, it's gotten me thinking I should consciously try to have vegan meals. Not sure how often, but it seems like it'd be a good idea to make the effort, you know? I may have to copy you. Heh.