Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day Six: Nuggets

Sometimes there is just nothing like a nugget. A tasty crunchy delicious nugget and that is exactly what we ate tonight. Chick-Un nuggets with mustard sauce, tater wedges and corn. Very yellow, very almost junk food and very needed for a Friday night. Raeden even ate 3 helpings of corn! Sometimes you need a little "gross" to feel a little good.

Tomorrow is going to be an interesting day. Going to Toys R Us to buy Raedens birthday present, Glodes futon to get prices for a new super high end futon (to replace our couch and bed when we move again) and then off to Grandma Rubys for Bobs (Toms father) birthday lunch.

Lunch, eating at someones house who eats/cooks meat. This always seems to be a difficult and awkward thing. I never know quite what to do. Do I say "Sorry I don't eat Animal or Animal by-products." I'm guessing that would end in LOTS of questions, teasing, and general annoyance for a long period of time. I could go the route of "I'm not feeling very well." That's straight up lying though. Last option I could shut up and eat the food so I don't alienate any of Toms family or piss off his Grandma for not eating the food she made for us. Which would leave me with serious food eating guilt. Oh the troubles. I think I may need to wing this one. Feel out the moment and see what I can and cannot get away with. 

I Will report the out come tomorrow.

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  1. Good luck at Tom's dad's birthday lunch!

    Fake chicken nuggets. . . I've been wanting some chicken nuggets lately, but they're so awful for you, so I've been resisting. This just totally destroyed my resolve. =P