Friday, January 7, 2011

Day Four/Five: African stew and Comfort food

Yesterday was mini move day. Accomplishing yet terrifying at the same time. The realization of how many things I really do own... oh Lord. Food the past two days has been awesome though.

Yesterday was an African sweet potato stew with peanuts. It was sweet and a little spicy. Totally creamy and we served it over couscous, Amazing (thanks for cooking Hunny).

Tonight was comfort food night. Twice baked potatoes with earth balance "butter" and Tofutti Better than cream cheese mixed in. Giant portabella mushrooms braised in a wine, soy sauce and balsamic vinegar marinade. With a salad of mixed greens dressed with a little bit of the mushroom "sauce". It was AWESOME, one of those meals that you bite into and are like Holy F*** Best Thing EVER. I love meals like that, so simple and yet so tasty.

Went shopping for big boy beds today. Decided that when we finally move out of our "transitional" housing that we want the boys to have whats called a Jr. Loft bed. They are like bunk beds only shorter and not dangerous for a 3yr old. It was Raeden approved which is what really matters. Well the fact that it's built out of solid pine and rated up to 400lbs per bed doesn't hurt either. 

It's already time to make a new meal plan and grocery list. Shopping on Sunday and then it's already been one week. I think so far I have very easily fallen back into eating vegan. Even my husband hasn't complained (which is VERY nice). Off to a good start and hopefully it will be a long run this time. 

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  1. Oooooh, African stew. That stuff is GOOD.

    The meal you had on Friday sounds great, too. Especially the mushrooms.