Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Doomsday Brain

This last week has been highly stressful and caused a mental symptom I like to call “Doomsday brain.” It happens when your life is so disorganized and crazy that the only thing you can think about is catastrophic disasters.

I am a highly strung person.  My brain almost never shuts down. Every night before I fall asleep I tend to list things or organize things I need to do in the near future.  Such as which bills I need to pay, how I am going to organize a birthday party, or what I need to buy while grocery shopping. When an all-consuming event happens (moving) my brain can no longer focus on one task at a time. It goes on super hyper drive and tries to organize everything all at once. This is the moment that doomsday brain flips on. All the sudden the only thing I will be able to think about is disaster scenarios. A few examples that were running through my brain a few nights ago are: What would I do/how would I handle it if my child was bit in the throat by a large dog, how would I and my children escape a vehicle if we were in an accident and the car landed in a lake, what would I do if my husband died in a car crash the next day.  I have never known another person to have this strange coping mechanism, although I’m sure there is at least one more person out there… somewhere. My odd pattern of thinking will only happen at night and never for more than two nights.  There you have it folks. A small look into my lovely misfiring brain.

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