Thursday, January 19, 2012

Oh the boxes!

Moving. Moving. Moving. It’s one of those things that you just can’t wait for but the closer it gets to the date the more your dread it. We are now 9 days away from moving to our new townhome (thank god). Boxes are everywhere, things are disorganized and I can barely find a clean pair of socks in the morning. My house currently looks like a disaster zone in need of rescue from the Nation Guard.  There will be a large sigh of relief when they moving date is finally here and all the waiting is over. We now have everything set up to be delivered or turned on and the moving truck is reserved.

To keep myself entertained during these last days I’ve decided to turn into an old lady (Yes even more old then normal).  I have been crocheting hand towels, wash cloths and dish cloths in different patterns and colors. They are turning out great but I feel as though I should be wearing a bathrobe (eh hem), fuzzy slippers and have a large cat on my lap at all times.

I hope to have my meal plans back in action within a few weeks of the move so posts will be more frequent and informative. I also have been thinking on venturing into the world of online reviews. Mostly for my own entertainment, plus it’s a good excuse to buy things.

There will be one more post before move date to celebrate R’s 3rd birthday. Not exactly sure what it will entail but I feel the need to say something since my first baby is nearly a child now.

Wish me luck folks. I’m gonna need it. Oh and hope for decent weather!

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