Saturday, March 5, 2011

Burgundy Stew

Olive oil

1 Large leek, slice thin

4 tsp (or to taste) minced garlic

Half bag frozen pearl onions

4 turnips, cubed

3 parsnips, sliced

3 red potatoes (skin on or off), cubed

1 c. frozen green beans

8oz mushrooms, cut in half

1 glass red wine (8oz ish, whatever kind you have)

3-4 c. Veg broth (just enough to slightly submerge the veg)

1 can white beans (or whatever beans you have)

1 Tbl. Basil

1 tsp.ish caraway seeds (until it smells right)

1 small can (1/4c.) tomato paste

Salt and pepper to taste (do this at the very end)


            Saute leek and garlic until soft.

Add in onions, turnips, parsnips, and potatoes, sauté for a couple minutes until veg picks up a bit of color. 

Add in green beans and mushrooms.
Add red wine and let bubble for a minute then pour in the veg stock and tomato paste, stir.

Add basil and caraway seeds.

Cover leaving the lid slightly vented and cook for 20-40 minutes or until veg is tender. Time depends on how large you chop your veg.

After you veg is tender and your stew looks thick, taste for salt and pepper. 

Season as you see fit.  

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