Thursday, December 29, 2011

Whoops, It's been a little while.

Well Folks my apologies, it’s been “a little while” since my last post. We’ve all been in a different land this summer/fall/winter while living with my parents. There have been weird health mysteries, crazy drama and some serious asthma problems with R. I shall attempt to update you while I also attempt for what feels like the millionth time to watch Torchwood. I feel like I should love this show but for some reason I don’t yet.

A New Year is almost upon us which of course means we all make some sort of resolution. Mine will be to drink more fluids that are NOT coffee. I’ve been very bad about this lately and going days without drinking anything but coffee. Whoops.  Resolution number two will be to get the whole family back on track with eating healthfully and living frugally. During the stress of this summer we have all slacked into bad eating habits and ease of use products. The doing of this has ended me with an unhealthy and lazy feeling.
In other exciting news we will be moving out of my parent’s house and back into our own place again at the end of January. YAY! Thank the heavens because living here has gotten us all in a slum of sorts. 

The new place isn’t the best but it will be ours for the year. I will for the 1st time have access to a washer and dryer of my own and the boys will each get their own room. Yay for not having anymore toddlers sleeping in the same room as me, it will be nice to read with the light on.  Not with a flashlight under the covers.  

Plans for this new home will be a mini garden on the patio using hanging canvass shoe trees, adorable curtains in every room, a large playroom/craft room in the basement and LOTS of organizational things everywhere.  At this new home we will be close to downtown, a farmers market, a great foreign foods market and the zoo. Plenty of activities to keep R and H busy and happy.

T has started a new job at the insurance company he works for. He is now in his actual field of work, you know…  like the one he went to school for. I’m pretty sure he is very happy about this, I am very happy about this. Not only does it mean we have stable income above the lowest poverty line it means that my Hubby has a job he is proud of and enjoys doing.  

I think that pretty much brings us up to the present. I will try and start posting more often including my attempt at making crunchy BBQ tofu strips with baked potatoes and veggies tonight!

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